Wednesday, March 4, 2015

2015 March 4: Torment. Or...the Absolutely Wretched Supper

Can we say melodramatic???

Elanor is currently gulping down 1/2 cup of water or more with every bite of her supper while frantically waving her hand in front of her mouth.

"Why are you doing that?," I asked.

"It's so spicy!," was the reply.

"Elanor, there's nothing spicy in the food."


"There. is. nothing. spicy. in. the. food."

"Well, it's spicy to me!"

"These are the same beets with coconut milk that you've been eating all week, and the same eggplants you've been eating all week, except I added some bbq sauce to them."

"Well the bbq sauce is spicy!"

"No. You watched me make it - ketchup, brown sugar, a splash of vinegar. Nothing spicy."

"Well it's Sri Lankan food and Sri Lankan food is spicy."

"Yes, but this Sri Lankan food was made by a Canadian. It's not spicy."

She puts one little drop of coconut sauce on her tongue and gulps her water again.

Rolling my eyes, I go into the bedroom where the AC is running, having finished my own absolutely delicious supper already.

Now she is making gagging noises by the sink...... When does hubby get back from his conference in India? sigh

The door opens. In peeks the girl. "Yes, Mama?"

"Yes, what?"

"Did you call me?"

"Nope. Did you finish your beets?"

"No," with a loud sigh. "Seriously, they're making me wheezy. Seriously."

Wheezy? I don't think that's the word she is looking for, but I let it slide.

She goes into the bathroom, makes all sorts of moaning noises, and when I don't respond, she goes out the other bathroom door and back to her absolutely wretched supper.

You would think I was trying to poison her.

She didn't have any complaints about lunch. We decided to go for a walk through the nearby alley down to Beach Road, along there until we found somewhere to get some lunch, then back through the alleys and side roads at the other end of the street until we got back home again.

Her lunch was one banana pancake and a chocolate milkshake. The milkshake was gone in 18 seconds. The banana pancake turned out to be basically Bananas Foster, but with the banana wrapped up in a crepe. Or I should say crepes. "One banana pancake" turned out to be two super-sized crepes, two whole bananas, and two huge scoops of ice cream!

Chatting with Steve via Skype. With a wink he tells me to stop tormenting the poor girl. Tormenting??? I ADDED SUGAR to her food and she is acting like I gave her Thai peppers to suck on!

She comes into the bedroom and sits on the floor, plate in hand. The beets have been choked down. The eggplant has disappeared, presumably in her stomach and not mashed into the kitchen drain. All that's left is onions in bbq sauce, which she appears to be mashing before dropping them into her mouth with the fork, like a baby bird being fed by an automated crane.

More water.

More sighs.

I ask if she would like to hear today's blog.


I read it to her.

"Anything you would like to say?," I ask.

"I said the food was sour."

"That, too," I reply. "Are you finished your food?"

"I only have onions left."

"Onions are food."

More sighs. "I guess that means I'll have to drink an entire bottle of water then!"

"I guess so."


Supper started at 5:40. It's now 7:16. She's still not done.

Me? I thought it tasted great.