Wednesday, May 20, 2015

2015 May 19: Artsy Fartsy....Or, Supper at Lords

We ate at Lords again last night. I know I have said it before, but I am going to say it again: The food there is some of the best I have ever eaten. Maybe even the best. Elanor had her favourite...large rotini served plain with a bowl of cheese sauce for dipping. 'Don't play with your food' has no meaning here for the kid's meals are interactive! Steve and I both had the mushroom and corn burger. You know it's good when Steve has the opportunity to order meat (which I don't cook because I am vegetarian) and he chooses the veggie burger instead! Stuffed with mushroom, corn, cashew, onion, and curry leaves, it's the best burger I have ever eaten.

Lords also serves as an art gallery for local artists, and while most of the artwork is for sale, some pieces are part of the decor.

Sometimes I just like to take pictures of stuff that other people might find weird. Sometimes it is weird. But sometimes I get beautiful shots that I adore.

Steve asked, "WHY are you taking pictures of water?" Well, because it's not a picture of water.
"[T]here are three types of photographers. There is the technical photographer. He is all about the equipment and the formulas. He can give you millimeters and focal lengths. There is the subject photographer. He takes photographs to study the object itself. He knows breeding habits, plumage differences, longitude and latitude. Then there is the artist. The artist has no idea what she just photographed or how she photographed it, yet somehow creates the most pleasing pictures."
I repeat.... It's not about the water. It's about these shots of my water glass, with the art installation lights shining through.

It's about these shots of my water bottle with an oil bowl burning behind it, with the camera turned sideways, one without flash, one with flash.

And it's about this shot of my drink, a dreamy concoction of ginger beer and coconut cream and pineapple, also sideways. It wasn't really purple, but it turned out that way because of the lighting.

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. -Confucius