Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy New Year!

What's that, you ask? New Year's in April?

Yup! According to Sinhalese astrology, the new year begins when the sun moves from Pisces to Aries, and signals the end of the harvest and the beginning of spring. It is also one of two times a year that the sun shines directly over Sri Lanka.

We began our New Year's celebrations on April 14. We went to our friends Champika and Padmasiri's house in Kochikade for the afternoon.

He is an organic farmer, among other things, and was featured in a television special a few years ago on organic farming techniques. They served us traditional New Years treats, and we toured their property, startling two very large water monitors in the process! Our driver and the elders from our church were also invited in for some true Sri Lankan hospitality.

Elanor and I left with new sandals, gifts from these very generous folks, as well as a bag of fruit that Steve helped to pick, vegetables, and sweets.

It was a wonderful afternoon!

Then, on Saturday the 18th, the local branch of our church had their New Year's celebration. Oh, the fun that we had! The organizers put a lot of effort into making this a huge success. Our day started with Champika and her girls giving Elanor a beautiful traditional Sri Lankan dress that they had made for her.
Believe it or not, Elanor and Piyumi (in the purple dress) are almost the same age. Deshika (in the green dress) is three years older than Elanor.

You can see how much we all enjoyed ourselves throughout the rest of the day by clicking here to watch the video I made.